2D Vision Design Board


Introducing our 2D Interior Design Vision Board – your key to visualizing the perfect living space! Immerse yourself in a curated collection of color schemes, textures, furnishings, and decor elements meticulously chosen by pairing your style preferences with beautiful, timeless design elements. This digital vision board serves as a visual roadmap, offering a glimpse into the harmonious blend of aesthetics tailored just for you. Elevate your design journey with this essential tool, ensuring that every element aligns seamlessly with your vision for a stunning and cohesive interior. Dive into the world of virtual interior design and personalized aesthetics, and let your dream space come to life with our 2D Vision Board!


Comes complete with:
– Design Board(s)
– Custom Color Palette
– Shopping List
– Floor Plan Suggestion


*Please note: this option does not include shelf styling. If you’d like to add that, please purchase the shelf styling seperately & we’d be happy to source elements and decor for your shelves!


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