Lauren Greaves

Nice to Meet You!

Hi! I’m Lauren. If you’re going to do me the honor of inviting me into something as private as your own home, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself!

I’m currently living in Orange County, California after making the cross-country move from the beautiful, picturesque island of Nantucket in early 2023. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I have a passion for the ocean and the beach – every time I’m by the coast, I feel like I’m home. I have a 7 year old sheltie named Brady that I love with all of my heart & consider him my actual child – yes, I’m one of those! He is the sweetest little thing and has been with me since he was a puppy, he has been the biggest love of my life.

In college, I studied psychology and developed a deep passion for understanding the way the human brain works. Although I’m still intrigued with all things psychology related, I’ve realized that my true passion lies in helping people in general. I’m so happy that I’m able to combine something that I love, psychology, with something else that I’m truly passionate about, interior design. Psychology and interior design go hand-in-hand in the sense that interior design is all about the way a room or space makes you feel, and how your eyes are trained to move through the space based on the decor & furniture placement. By integrating insights from psychology into the design process, I’m able to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also psychologically enriching and conducive to positive experiences.

I personally believe that having a professionally designed space should not be a luxury, but something that’s accessible to everyone no matter your location or income. I think that everybody deserves to come home to a place that makes them happy, a place where they feel fulfilled and can relax in after a long day. Your home is your safe space, it’s where you do life. It’s the place you wake up in the morning & go to sleep in at night. Growing up, my family never had the luxury of having a well designed, functional space which always felt chaotic to me. Now, my environment has such a big impact on me and I want to share my love of creating beautiful, aesthetically pleasing & functional spaces with everyone from working professionals to busy families.