All-Inclusive Package: Virtual Interior Design


Welcome to Label It Lauren Interiors online design studio! We’re excited to help you transform any and all rooms in your home by working closely with you, one-on-one, to make your vision come to life. Although the design is done all online, your space will feel like it’s professionally done while you’re able to implement the accessories, furniture, and decor at your own pace!
Virtual interior design is a hassle-free alternative to traditional interior design. With our complete package, you’ll be ready to transform your rooms with confidence.

By starting with defining your design style and needs for the space, we’ll come up with a digital design board and send it back to you for your feedback. Once we get the design absolutely perfect for you, we’ll create the rest of the package which includes:
-design board(s)
-floor plan
-design installation guide
-custom color palette
-shopping list
*works within your budget*

By the end of the process, you’ll be ready to implement your new design at your own pace and have an expertly designed space – all done virtually!


-Digital Design Board:
once we’ve established your personal style and needs for the room, we’ll design a concept board showing what your full design will look like! This will include furniture, accessories, decor, flooring, and walls.

-Custom Color Palette:
a custom color palette will be provided for your reference with the exact names of the colors so you’ll be able to shop for future decor with ease.

-Shopping List with Links:
We’ll put together shopping list with every design element displayed in the design boards. Shopping has never been easier with clickable links so you can “add to cart” and check out at your own pace! We’ll shop within your budget and locally to your country. Please let us know if you have any specific preferences for your virtual interior design shopping experience.

-Floor Plan:
A custom floor plan will be made based upon simple room measurements you’ve provided, indicating where permanent structures are. We’ll design a floor plan that makes your space flow using psychology and correct furniture placements.

-Design Installation Guide:
Your room will look like it was done by a professional interior designer once we explain how to implement your designs like an expert. Designs will be explained thoroughly so putting your home together is anything but stressful! Virtual interior design may be done all online but the end result is very real!



How to Purchase:

Please message us with any questions, we’re happy to answer in a timely manner. Once the purchase is completed, we’ll ask for all information regarding the areas you wish to have designed and get a clear understanding of your style and expectations for the space. From there, we’ll send you the design boards for feedback, making any changes until it’s perfect, and then we’ll put together the rest of the package and send it your way – you’ll be ready to start transforming your space!

Label It Lauren Interiors is always here for your virtual interior design needs and questions, from the initial contact to the final design!

Unsure of your design style? Check out our Pinterest for some interior inspiration!


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