Custom Floor Plan


Get a visual start on redefining any room in your home! The custom floor plan is a virtual interior design option that’s put together professionally by an interior stylist – we’ll take your space and redefine it using furniture, lighting, and minimal decor placement.

*Adjust quantity to number of rooms purchasing & see below for after purchase instructions* 


How To Purchase the Custom Floor Plan:

  1. Purchase the Custom Floor Plan using the quantity for the amount of rooms you wish to have planned.
  2. Once purchase is completed, e-mail [email protected] (subject: floor plan) with photos of your living space and all measurements (a hand-drawn plan is fine!). Include any information you think may help, from the size of the bed to an office area you’d like to incorporate! – no amount of information is too much.
  3. We’ll send you back your finished floor plan in PDF format which will include all furniture and lighting placement. A labeled version will also be sent as well.
  4. Enjoy your newly redefined space and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any outstanding questions!

Looking for a complete virtual make over? Check out our all-inclusive package or pair this service with our digital design board!


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